What Are the Advantages to Dating Vietnamese Women

Have you always been attracted to Asian women? Get it straight…there are several ethnicities among Asians, from Chinese to Korean to Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. Many men prefer Vietnamese because of their culture, attitude and friendliness. Have you ever considered dating a girl from Vietnam? You may be surprised at how playful and yet challenging she is. But it’s a romance you will be glad you pursued once you see how lovely she is. Whether you’re white, African-American or Latino, consider 8 advantages to dating Vietnamese women.

What Are the Advantages to Dating Vietnamese Women

1. They are very hardworking.

Sure they might be looking for successful men but that’s only because they are usually business-minded. They are hard working and industrious, a characteristic of the people.

2. They don’t overindulge in alcohol or smoking.

Many men consider these vices a turn off. Many women from Vietnam abstain or drink moderately. They’re disciplined and in control of themselves.

3. They are beautiful!

Even in other Asian countries, Vietnamese women are revered for their beauty. Their eyes, skin color and hair are second to none!

4. They can be submissive to the right man.

While not all Vietnamese girls are submissive by nature, once they meet a man they trust and believe in, they do tend to be highly supportive of him. This is the kind of intense relationship many men want. The culture in Vietnam is conservative with a strong sense of family. This shows in the attitude of the women.

5. Good food and good bodies!

There aren’t too many overweight Vietnamese women, or at least that’s the observation of some tourists. They tend to eat healthy and have smaller waistlines. Speaking of the food, a Vietnamese cook is a great thing to have in your kitchen! The cuisine is considered among the healthiest in the world and includes fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, meats and many spices. Popular dishes include noodle soups, rice dishes, wraps and rolls and sandwiches.

6. They take dress and fashion seriously!

Whether you’re talking about the northern culture or more western-friendly southern culture, you’ll find that many Vietnamese women dress like princesses! They love to look good and impress men,

7. They really take care of their men.

Once a Vietnam woman finds a man she likes, she is very much involved in his life and will take care of him like a guardian angel. They are not as narcissistic as some men are in the West or even in Europe. They dote loving attention on the right kind of man.

8. They are transparent about what they want.

Many men state that these women are “transparent” about everything. They flirt and are friendly but they don’t pretend to be easy. They know what they want and they know what their worth is. They want a provider who can offer them freedom, safety and a stable family life, as their culture is all about family.

Yes, these women are looking for men, locally and overseas. The question is are you ready to start searching for them? Ready to strike up a conversation? Consider using an interracial dating app or a Vietnamese women dating site that focuses your search on Vietnamese women by name. You can search by local area or even as far as Vietnam itself!