Tips on Finding Vietnamese Women to Date

Are you attracted to Asian women? Of course there are a variety of Asian ethnicities to consider and each country has its own unique culture. Women from Vietnam in particular have their own unique traits about them, and many men who have dated or married them consider it a wonderful challenge.

Tips on Finding Vietnamese Women to Date

First off, avoid the gold diggers unless you’re that rich and can afford to entertain a sugar baby. Some women will try to scam you out of money and or just date you for gifts and loans. Supposedly, a lot of men say Tinder is overwhelmed with scammers and gold diggers.

Attitudes in Vietnam Females

When it comes to dating North American Vietnamese or girls from Vietnam, you will find many of the same cultural attitudes. Vietnamese women are tough, smart and a little bit “shielded” until you really get to know them. This doesn’t mean they’re “cold” necessarily. They might flirt and be friendly but they’re also not gullible. You have to chase them a little, meaning flirt, pay attention to them and ask them out. Be decisive about where to go because these women admire masculinity.

Tourists say that in Ho Chi Minh women tend to be more conservative compared to the south. This may also mean, not only more caution in dating, but also a preference for Asian men over whites or other races. Still, that’s not a rule just an observation. On the other hand, women in Hanoi tend to be more open-minded and liberal, and may even like Western culture. They are more open to fun and to non-Asian suitors. Immigrants or naturalized children of immigrants may be a combination of both attitudes.

What About Money?

We mentioned gold diggers earlier but one question men often ask of Vietnam singles is whether or not money impresses them. Logically, some women will be impressed by money. Immigrant families are often not rich. Women in Vietnam do consider material wealth the sign of success, the sign of a good family man. However, this is not really just a Vietnamese quirk, this is true of most cultures. Obviously, mail order brides are also interested in men who have money, but it’s still within reason.

They want to find a good provider, someone who can take care of them and any children that come later. This doesn’t mean they’re lazy however…you will find Vietnamese women to be very industrious, hard working and business minded.

They’re passionate about life and motivated to work, whether it’s in business or in the family. Personality and kindness also goes a long way and they like “alpha males” of all sorts, particularly men who are intelligent and take the time to learn the Vietnamese language. You should be strong and confident, sure of yourself. But don’t be rude or disrespectful to the woman or her family.

If you are interested in searching profiles of Vietnamese women, locally or even in Asia, start using interracial dating apps or Vietnamese women dating sites today! You may be impressed with how many matches come back to you and how friendly the women are!