Tips in Dating Vietnam Women

Whether you’re looking to date Vietnam women from the homeland or even North American Vietnamese women, you’re going to have a great time ahead. It won’t be “easy” but the rewards will be plentiful. You might consider a few interracial dating tips before making any assumptions. Vietnam culture is unique and even if it’s somewhat Americanized, at least in the west, it still bears some explaining.

Tips in Dating Vietnam Women

1. Don’t treat a Vietnam woman as an “easy date.”

They usually don’t indulge in alcohol. If they flirt too much, without a “challenge” so to speak, beware of a gold-digging affair. Might be what you want, but if so don’t be scared of losing! Not all Vietnam girls, especially in Vietnam, speak fluent English so it may help to bring along a Google translator on your phone.

2. Be confident and take charge.

This doesn’t mean you have to be an ass—but do make decisions and know where you want to go for a date. Vietnamese women admire confident men who know what they want. Back home, the culture is still somewhat conservative and patriarchal. Women are used to men who are strong and self-assured. Failure to show these alpha qualities may result in a rejection! Think about a simple coffee date at first and then maybe a second dinner date.

3. Beware the “shield” of Vietnam women.

Whether you’re looking to date casually or romantically most of these women are a little reserved and shielded, unlike some more liberated Asian countries. Not only does this refer to sex, but even in getting to know the real women; they will often hide their real personalities until trust can be built. This means that you cannot simply be a domineering fool and expect to win points with her. You must cut through her shield with persistence but politeness and respect. That’s what gets her to open up to you and be real. These women are often said to be “transparent” – what you see is what you get!

4. Don’t be too blatantly a womanizer…they don’t dig it!

Some Vietnamese woman, still conservative by culture, do not respond well to womanizing men. Don’t flirt with other women in front of them if you’re interested in one. They will test you and make you earn their affection and their “real” self. Some tourists say that in Northern Vietnam it’s even more conservative, and the attitude shows in the women.

If you are looking for a Vietnamese woman then consider online dating via website or app. The great thing is you can find a woman from Vietnam that’s actually from the country or someone locally. You can have total control over the search and can search for a partner based on location, common interests or other demographical data. You don’t even have to be in the country itself, since you can locally search by race and ethnicity. Why not start indulging in a life you really want? All it takes is the time to fill out a profile page!