Tips for traveling Vietnam for the first time.

So you want to visit Vietnam and maybe search for a love there? This sounds like a great idea, however are you sure to know everything and be prepared for any kind of situation? In this short guide, we are going to tell you what to know and what to expect while traveling Vietnam for the first time.

1. Smile is your best

Keep smiling no matter what. Vietnamese are friendly and open minded people who to not pay big attention to who you are and what country you are from. They will talk to you on street however in friendly manners or even ask if you need some help. But be assured that if you ask a local a question with a smile, you'll almost certainly have it answered and the smile returned since Viet people love the polite person.

2. Be aware of taxi scams

Unfortunately, many taxi drivers take it granted when it comes to foreigners and paying for the service. They might try to scam you and requests lots of more money than it’s needed. If you think you are going to the wrong direction simply ask your driver to move back to the right path or ask to stop and try to catch another driver, especially one who can speak a bit of English.

3. Busesand long distance traveling

Buses are a great way to save time and money for traveling long distances especially st night. However keep in mind that most of them do not have vacant toilets inside the bus. If they do, most of them are already dirty and you cannot use it. As for the stops during travelling for toilet and rest, some bus drivers have a tendency to skip them especially if bus is running late and out of time.

4. Avoid nightlife troubles

Getting into troubles in Vietnam seems like a piece of cake especially at night time when most of the people are drunk already. When some night pubs runillegally, they are pretending to be shut down in the middle of the night when cops are driving nearby. It might sounds like amusing way of playing hide and seek but it’s not. If you get caught in the illegal pub you can spend in jail.

5. Be bold

All in all Vietnam is a great place however sometimes might chill your blood. In such case, be cool and do not be scared. Smile a lot and be polite to others and nothing bad will happen to you. Everything will work just fine.

6. Eat wisely

Local Vietnamese food is great with lots of taste and aroma; however, it might be a nightmare to a foreigner’ stomach. Try to avoid eating in small restaurants on the countryside and do not eat dishes you are not sure about. Drink only bottled water.

Vietnam is a beautiful Asian country however it might a bit dangerous if you are first time visitor and have no idea about Vietnamese culture at all. We hope that with our traveling tips you will enjoy your stay in Vietnam and come back to this country anytime soon.