Things Vietnamese People Love

Like any other country, Vietnam has its quirks and traditions which we Western people cannot fully understand. All that things make Vietnam more unique and memorable to visitors. Some things might be extremely weird and unacceptable in white people’s world, but some things are funny and cute. Here’s a list of things you shall know before going to Vietnam, things which Viet people love.

Things Vietnamese People Love

1. Asking uncomfortable questions

Asking questions about age, income and weight are totally normal in Vietnamese culture. Those questions can help Viet people to distinguish your social status and show proper respect if needed. However, it seems like Westerns are not used to answer those questions during first meeting.

2. Unusual potato chips flavors

Cheese or onion chips flavoursseem tooboring and no excitement for Vietnamese people. They have a specific taste with any kind of spicy, sour and seaweedflavors. If you are in Vietnam and want to grab a pack of salty chips, good luck.

3. Extremely strong coffee

Strong coffee is a great morning plan in order to make your brain wake up and have the kick of energy. Vietnamese people love strong black coffee no matter of the time, and still, they can sleep like a newborn during the night.

4. Squatting and sitting on floor

No chair- no problem. Vietnamese people doesn’t like to use chairs at all since they are spending most time of life by squatting or sitting on the floor. They can do it absolutely everywhere.

5. Beer pubs and drinking alcohol

Seems like Vietnamese people love to have fun, meet friends and have an alcohol after long and tired day. No matter if it’s Monday or weekend, they party animals. Beer pubs and most frequentlyvisited places in the cities.

6. Waking up early

Waking up and be early birds is not a problem for Vietnamese people. They can achieve more productive work when the sun goes up and finish their tasks earlier than another nation. Starting work at 6 am is totally normal here.

7. Bare feet

It seems like Vietnamese people have no tendency to use shoes and prefer to have bare feet instead. They can go outside, driving a car and even work in an office without wearing shoes. Truck or bus drivers, with a bare foot hanging out from windows while waiting for passengers is a normal thing here too.

8. Noisy and “fun” funerals

When it comes to funerals there’s no place for being sad and cry over dead relatives. Funerals are more like family meetings where you cannot sleep for literally up to 48 hours because you never know who and when will funeral home to see and great the dead relative. To make this period less sad, Vietnamese people having fun with eating, drinking, karaoke and funny stories about the person who just passed away.

9. White skin

White skin obsession is a really a thing in Vietnam. Girls are boys are trying a bunch of whitening face cosmetics from Korea and Japan just to make their skin one less dark. White skin is a symbol of sex and being attractive in Vietnam.

10. Long fingernails

This one might seem a bit disgusting, however, guys in Vietnam use to have long fingernails or at least one nail (mostly pinky one) which is longer than other nails. It seems they're few theories about this and one is to show off that you are from middle class and you don’t need to work hard as a farmer to make a living. Another theory is about fashion, and the third one is about eating noodles soup by long fingers. No matter which theory you choose, it still seems creepy for Westerns.

Every country has its own traditions and freaks and Vietnam has them too. If you are more likely to understand Vietnamese culture you shall be acquainted with the topics we mention above. In this case, you won’t be surprised by this beautiful country.