Reasons You Should Marry a Vietnamese Lady

If you are about dating a Vietnamese lady and you want to get more serious with her, for sure you had been wondering if it’s good to marry her or not. Even though, Viet ladies coming from the totally different cultural background, they seem to be nice and lovely as a wife. If you even wondering why you shall tie the knot with a girl from Vietnam, here’s a few reasons do to it:

Reasons You Should Marry a Vietnamese Lady

1. They are loyal

Divorces rate is really small in Vietnam. Is it because, all ladies here are very loyal to their partners, and never think about cheating on them. Vietnamese girls never hide their feelings and show open heart in front of you immediately.

2. They are not easy when it comes to sex

Sex is a crucial part of every good relationship, however it seems like Vietnamese girls prefer to know partner at first than bumping into bed with him. Unlike westerns, they do not treat virginity as a curse which needs to be reduces at the age of 16. They prefer to keep virginity for this very special partner, someone who they will marry with.

3. They are independent and supportive

There’s a stereotype showing that Vietnamese girls will date Westerns because of money. That’s not truth. In fact, many Viet ladies are independent and trying to make money on their own. However if you will ask for borrow money, they will give you some cash with pleasure while being thankful you trusted in them.

4. They are family oriented

A Happy family is something which all Vietnamese girls are dreaming about. If you marry Viet lady she will not only care about her family but yours as well. Because of this factor, they are perfect for being wives and mothers. They always put a family infront no matter what.

5. They are trustworthy

If you want to share a secret with a Vietnamese girl, be sure she will never reveal this to the world. What's more, if you are dating one, you can go whereveryou want to and she will be still waiting for you at home. They do not suspicious their partners for being cheated. However, they don’t like a “boss style” type of a partner so let her speak up and decision for her own.

6. They are great cooks

If you are a food lover, a Vietnamese wife will be the best choice for you. From an earlyage, girls are being taught how to cook healthy and tasty homemade meals for family and future husband. They are fast learner so if you want a specific recipe your Vietnamese wife will prepare it for you with full happiness.

7. They know great manners

For girls who had been living in Vietnam whole lifetime, being cultural and well-mannered is something normal. Vietnamese people have one of most high culture and self-behaviour in the world and very traditional. Viet girl will treat you kindly, be your best friend and listener.

8. They are pretty

Vietnamese girls have a pretty and unusual exotic look which makes lots of Westerns guys attractive. They are flawlessly beautiful along with good manners and great, bright smile. Many beauty pageantscome from Vietnam and it must be a reason for this, right?

Marry a Vietnamese girl is a great idea if you are looking for a supportive and loyal wife who will love you and your family no matter what. They are reliable, trustworthy and can be a great partner for a lifetime.