Marriage in Vietnam, what to know, what to expecting?

So you had made a decision to marry a Vietnamese girl and try to relocate with her to your own country. It seems easy; as Viet girls are very open minded and moving to another location is not the biggest problem for them. However, before you will get married there’s basic information you shall know about all marriage process in Vietnam and what to expect from it.

Marriage in Vietnam, what to know, what to expecting?

1. Marriages in Vietnam tend to be permanent and bridges are expected to be virgins. Even though is a bit old statement most of Viet girls remain untouched until the night after the wedding. After marriage couple usually, lives in husband’s parents’ home before moving out to own place. On countryside, people are still getting married to someone with the same society class or even same town.

2. The average age for getting married in Vietnam is quite young. For guys, it’s between 20 to 30 years old and for girls, it’s between 18 and 25 years. Like across all Asia, when a girl marries she do not change family name, however, kids will carry father'sfamily name.

3. In the past marriage had been arranged through special matrimonial agencies, but it seems like till now this tradition is visible especially in the countryside. Now when online dating becomes more and more popular, young Vietnamese people prefers this way for searching love.

4. Factors to be seriously considered when choosing a marital partner in Vietnam are the social status of the families and astrological status of the chosen partner. It might sound a bit funny for Westerns but it’s a serious matter in Vietnam. Marriages between two different religions are possible as well, however, more preparations need to be done.

5. Women are basically expected to be married in young age and deliver as many kids as they can in a matter of few years. It’s all because of Confucianism which promotes woman’s abilities to become a mother.

6. Polygamy is illegal but some men have a second, unofficial wife. However, if a guy wants to get married toanother woman, he needs to have the agreement of the first wife. After marriage, thesecond wife usually lives away from husband in another household, in the same one where she used to live before marriage.

7. Some marriages in Vietnam are still arranging by parents and close relatives especially on the countryside or along rich class society. In such case, young people who are supposed to get married are meeting potential partners. Even though they do have a choice to marry this person or not, final word belongs to the family.

8. Astrology is an important consideration in choosing a marriage partner among ethnic Vietnamese. This is also used to set a perfect date for getting married.

9. Most of the Vietnamese woman after marriage stays at home and taking care of household and kids while men need to bring money to home and make a living. However, nowadays some modern Vietnamese girls prefer to work as well and postpone having kids.

10. International marriages are acceptable in Vietnam; however, most of the couples relocate and lives in husband’s country afterwards.

Marriage in Vietnam doesn’t seem complicated if you know basic rules and agreements about it. It seems like choosing marriage partner in Vietnamese culture is based on stereotypes and cultural beliefs but do not worry, since Westerns are also very welcomed to marry Vietnamese people.