Reviews of Top 3 Best Asian Dating Sites in 2019

Asian men and women are admired all around the world. It’s no surprise that many people prefer to only date Asians and it’s well-known that many Asians are open to foreign interest. But where do you meet potential love matches that fit your preference? Online dating is the answer. It simplifies niche dating and makes it easier than ever before for foreigners and Asians alike to find love with each other. The following three websites are just a small selection of the many that are available, but they are among the most trusted websites of this type.

1. AsianDating


A good reputation is earned and AsianDating has more than earned its good reputation in the ten years since the website launched. It can be seen as one of the founding fathers of Asian niche dating and it’s still one of the best websites singles looking for Asians can use. Many duplicates and copycats have come over the years, but none have been able to hold a candle to AsianDating. It truly offers something for everyone. Asians who want to date other Asians will find what they’re looking for here, but so will foreigners looking for Asians. Gay Asians, lesbian Asians and every other type of Asian can all find someone for them on AsianDating.

There are nearly three million active users on AsianDating and that’s why it’s so easy to find someone perfect from you. You can browse the profiles of millions of singles from all around the world and send them a message at any time. It’s completely free to sign up, so there’s really no reason not to try it out today. Love, friendship and fun are waiting and can be accessed with the click of a mouse. Stop wasting time on dating websites that don’t have what you want and sign up to become a member of AsianDating today.

Have more specific tastes? The other two websites on this list might be more to your liking.

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2. AsianWomenDate

Asian Women Date

It’s no secret that plenty of non-Asian men want to marry and date Asian women. This subsection of the Asian dating niche is probably the biggest and therefore it’s only natural that an entire dating website dedicated to this niche exists. Plenty of Asian women also prefer foreigners and this is the website where you can find them. Whether you’re looking for Japanese, Chinese or Korean women, you will find them here. There’s no denying that Asian women have a unique charm that women of other races simply don’t have. If you know that you’re only attracted to Asian women, why should you waste time on other websites that don’t cater to this preference? You don’t have to, not anymore, thanks to AsianWomenDate.

And if you’re an Asian woman looking to date a foreigner, you’ve hit the jackpot. This website is filled to the brim with non-Asian men dying to meet beautiful Asian women like you. There will be no shortage of potential partners if you sign up and get to know the other member on AsianWomenDate. Other members have been able to form friendships, relationships and even marriages after meeting on this website. You could become a part of one of the success stories by meeting that special someone here.

Maybe your preferences are even more specific than simply ‘Asian’. The next website will be perfect for you if you love Filipinos and Filipinas above all else.

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3. FilipinoCupid


FilipinoCupid is the best dating website for Filipinos and foreigners that want to date someone from the Philippines. It’s similar to AsianDating, but strictly focused upon Filipinos and Filipinas instead of all Asians. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are only Filipino members on the website. Foreigners of all ethnicities can sign up if they’re interested in dating someone from the Philippines. There are many Filipino men and women that are also interested in dating foreigners. You can browse through profiles until you find one that states their preferences for foreigners or you can take the chance and message someone that catches your eye, even if they don’t state their preferences.

That is the beauty of online dating, it’s easy to approach more singles in a smaller amount of time. Rejection is also much easier, most of the time uninterested people simply won’t reply to your message. No time wasted, no wondering about whether or not they like you and no nonsense like you would have to deal with when courting someone the old fashioned way. Many people who use FilipinoCupid find love right away, while others prefer to take it slow and see many people before committing.

FilipinoCupid is perfect for both casual dating and serious commitment. Read a few of the testimonials online to see for yourself what FilipinoCupid has to offer.

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