5 Tips To Be Successful On An Asian Dating App

5 Tips To Be Successful On An Asian Dating App

1. Choose your pictures wisely

You might think it’s all about looks, but it has more to do with how interesting you appear to be. The best type of pictures you can post is action shots. Think outdoorsy activities, or you goofing around with a pet. It shows that you’re fun-loving and approachable. You’ll want to mix in at least two clear shots of your face as well (no clear face pictures makes women think you’re hiding something).

There are certain things to avoid as well. Women aren’t interested in seeing pictures of you with your car or you in a bar. Full frontal nudity shots just for the sake of nudity (lying in your garden shirtless, for example) also won’t do you any favors. The only acceptable shirtless pictures are those taken at the beach.

2. Don’t be a stereotype

If you’re a non-Asian guy looking to date an Asian woman, you’re well aware of the stereotypes that go along with it. Don’t make the Asian women you talk to think that these stereotypes are correct. For example, never send a message like “Konichiwa, my fair maiden. I love Asian women because they are submissive and you seem like the type to be interested in a superior, white man.” This is extremely condescending and can be interpreted as racist.

Approach them with respect and without insulting their culture. Remember that they have many male Asian family members and won’t respond well to you insulting Asian males to make yourself seem better.

3. Keep your profile classy

Never make self-deprecating jokes. A lack of confidence will completely destroy your chances with Asian women and all women in general. Your profile should be honest and open, without bragging or talking badly about yourself. Humor is always a good way to approach things. Make a few jokes (not at the expense of yourself) and list some of your interests. This will give her an easy way to ask you more about yourself. You can include a few ‘flaws’. Nothing like “I have a drinking problem.” It should be more along the lines of, “I can’t dance, but I’m willing to be taught!”

4. Be different

Remember that Asian women will be approached by a lot of men. Your ‘hey cutie’ isn’t going to stand out any more than the fifty others in her inbox. Ask her a question about her interests, open with a joke. Even if she’s not interested, you’re more likely to get a friendly response if you take the time to type her a unique message.

5. Include a call to action

This is a marketing technique that works just as well in dating profiles. At the end of your profile, throw in a juicy detail about yourself, like “I survived an animal attack, but you’ll have to message me for more details.” Once she messages you, you’ve already reeled her in and saying that the animal was your mom’s cat will be a funny joke.